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dance for violenceBrighter Futures Dance Against Family Violence – Front Page News in Casino
by Deb Felton
Practice Leader – Brighter Futures

The song Break the Chain has a strong message of empowerment and hope, and highlights the importance of the community standing up against family violence. With this as the background track, Brighter Futures Casino and the Casino Family Support Service joined the international Dance Against Violence Challenge on Monday 16 October.“Most of the families Brighter Futures work with are experiencing or have experienced family violence. The trauma impact on the emotional, cognitive and social functioning of children is profound” said Brighter Futures Program Manager, Michael Higgins. “A core part of our work is keeping women and children safe and dealing with the impacts of family violence”. There is no doubt that domestic violence is a gendered issue. Homicide statistics from the Australian Institute of Criminology showed 75% of victims of intimate partner homicide were female. NSW police statistics for 2014-15 showed 69% of domestic violence assault victims were female. When anti-family violence campaigner Rosie Batty visited Casino this year she encouraged the community to be upstanding to end family violence.“I’m very proud of the Brighter Futures team getting out of their comfort zone and joining this dance challenge to raise awareness of domestic violence” said Michael Higgins. Check out the Dance Against Violence Facebook page to view the song and dance moves.