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Casino Youth Service conducted a computer workshop in the July school holidays which was facilitated by Isaac, a young person who has, in the past, engaged with the service and who has exceptional IT skills. Along with the stand-by assistance of CNC’s super-ace IT guy, Isaac demonstrated how to pull a computer apart and put it back together again while explaining what each component does and how it makes the computer function. He provided useful tips on how to maintain a computer, how to add a drive and what to do when a CD gets stuck. On IT workshop day Isaac was in his element and had the entire group entertained as they joined in disassembling a computer. It was outstanding to see the level of IT knowledge Isaac has; clearly a passion of his. CYS Youth Workers have witnessed Isaac transition from quiet and reserved to a confident and knowledgeable young man. CYS loves nothing more than to cater to the strengths of our young people who continue to inspire and astonish us with their talents and capabilities. Isaac plans to enrol in an IT course to fulfil his future dreams. Having the opportunity to support him build the confidence to stand before his peers and facilitate a workshop was an amazing experience and the reason CYS Youth Workers love what they do.

Lee de Domenico | Youth Worker