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Our facilities and resources

We are proud to offer the following facilities and resources for use by members of the Casino community.

Casino Community Garden

There are plenty of opportunities to get involved and grow your favourite plants, vegetables, herbs, fruit and other produce at Casino’s only community garden. Our produce goes directly to help feed the needy around Casino and our volunteers. We host a soup kitchen, we hold regular morning teas, pizza nights and social get togethers. There are plenty of reasons to visit Casino Community Garden, so come on over and check it out!

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Activity room


Our shiny new activity rooms are perfect for group get-togethers, meetings, morning teas, arts and crafts and health and wellbeing classes. With an unfurnished open plan room one side, and a furnished meeting area the other, there’s room to sit, lounge, stretch, move around and give your group the room it needs to be active.

Relaxing sitting room


If you need somewhere to relax on a comfy chair, use our free wifi, wait for an appointment, meet your friends, watch a bit of television or read the papers with a cuppa, you’re welcome to hang out in our sitting room.

Confidential meeting rooms


If you need a quiet, confidential space to meet, gather your thoughts, study or discuss any issues you may have with our friendly staff, we can offer several private, comfortable meeting rooms.

Children's activity room


Our children’s room has plenty of fun, engaging activities to keep kids busy and happy. Sit in the comfy chairs and get on with your stuff while they keep themselves entertained.

Tea, coffee and refreshments


Help yourself to chilled water and hot beverages like tea and coffee to refresh your body and mind while you’re visiting.

Printing, scanning and copying


If you need to print, scan, copy, fax or email any printed or electronic documents and you can’t get access to those services, you’re welcome to come on over and use ours for free. Very useful for paying bills, submitting registrations, proving your identity and many other purposes.

Phone, fax, email and internet


Communications technology is now an important part of our lives and, much like a car, if you don’t have access to it, your options become limited. That’s why we’re happy to offer free phone calls, faxes, wifi, internet access, and emailing right here. We can even loan you a computer, ipad or phone if you need it and provide basic guidance on how to use them.

Community noticeboard

Community noticeboards are one of the best places to connect with your neighbours. If you have something to tell everyone about, an event, something for sale, something lost, or even something found, put up a notice right here and keep the focus on Casino.

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