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What are you passionate about? Want to run a workshop or masterclass?

You may have noticed, we’ve started organising interesting, local, free workshops and classes on a number of topics. We recently held one about basic car maintenance and safety, and another one about best iPhone and iPad use. Both workshops have been full to capacity and there’s been demand for more, with many participants requesting repeat sessions and additional workshops.

So, as we’re actually your neighbourhood centre, we thought we’d put it to you: if you are an expert in anything (seriously, anything!) and think someone else could benefit from your knowledge, let us know – we want to help you share your expertise!

You could be an expert accountant, kite maker, artist, karate champion, expert gardener, rocket scientist, dog trainer, academic, musician, knitter, historian, quilter, computer expert, chess player or candle maker. Whatever your area of expertise, we want to help you organise and deliver a workshop for the Casino community.

Running a workshop can benefit yourself too, particularly if you have a product or service to promote.

We can provide you with help organising and promoting your workshop. We can provide facilities, resources and a dedicated, safe space at our neighbourhood centre on Canterbury Street. If you’re a bit shy, don’t worry. We can give you all the support you need to find your confidence and share your skills with our community.


Participants at our recent iPhone and iPad workshops get technical with an Apple expert.

Participants at our recent iPhone and iPad workshops get technical with an Apple expert.


So there’s nothing stopping you from getting in touch and letting us help you organise your own workshop. Contact us now by calling Tommy on 66622898 or emailing tommy@casinonc.org.au